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To The Beat! follows twins Mia and Mackie as they form separate tap and jazz dance teams to compete against each other in a contest, while their neighbor and nemesis, Avery, uses her charm and resources to get the upper hand in the competition.

This film is Jillian's directorial debut and also the first feature she has ever co-written.

You can buy the film on iTunes and Amazon now! Also available on Netflix in select countries.


Lindsey Lou has a problem. A missing father/

psychic brother/drinking mother/estranged husband/ washed-up local TV host/used car/sherpa/goat kind of problem.

Jillian stars as Lindsey Lou in this dark comedy about learning to live after losing someone you love, she also produced the film.

The film is currently streaming for FREE on Amazon Prime!


A young priest finds himself in danger when he goes too far in his search for heaven and hell.

Available now on Amazon Prime.

     BY GOD'S      GRACE

A faith-based, holiday film that tells the story of a young man full of anger who is shown a new perspective on his empty life by his little sister.


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A vacationing family encounters an alien threat in this thriller based on the real-life Brown Mountain Lights phenomenon in North Carolina.


Available on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes!


Jennifer's thirtieth birthday party is supposed to be a special day. But what starts out as a day of celebration quickly spirals into a most ill-fated day Jennifer wishes she could forget, in this ensemble comedy set entirely in a kitchen.


You can catch The Kitchen on iTunes and Amazon now!



Ladies of the Lake is based on the novel by Ken Corday, which centers around the murders surrounding the rich and powerful women of the Avalon gated community. 

You can watch the both seasons on Amazon.


When her ties to a grisly Hollywood suicide skyrocket her to fame, struggling actress Polly learns just how far she'll go to stay in the limelight - even if her dreams of stardom come with a body count.

You can now stream Fame Dogs by clicking here.


Acting Dead is a deathly funny dark comedy about the world of Hollywood zombies.  And not just the ones leaving their Botox appointments in Beverly Hills.  What if your acting career had taken a turn for the worse and your only option to get a role, to be cast in any number of the ever-growing popular zombie-based TV shows and movies...was to actually become one?


You can now watch the full series! Click here to watch Jillian play Alex in the series.


Acting Dead is also the first independent series to win a Primetime Emmy in the Short Form Category.


Clutch is an alt-femme fatale series.  Jillian's character made her debut in the last episode of Season 2 as Nicole.


You can view the whole series by clickng here.


A teen drama that follows the story of Tori Archer, a Malibu girl growing up without much guidance from her mega-successful parents, William (a famous author) and Elizabeth (Hollywood's publicist to the stars). She has a heart of gold, and knows right from wrong, but succumbs to peer pressure and consistently makes poor choices that cause irrepressible situations and problems.


Watch Jillian play Tori in the 3 season series by clicking here.

  • 2018, Indie Series Awards Nominated, ISA Best Guest Actress - Drama for Ladies of The Lake

  • 2017, Indie Series Awards Nominated, ISA Best Guest Actress - Comedy for Fame Dogs

  • 2015, Indie Series Awards Nominated, ISA Best Actress - Comedy for Acting Dead 

  • 2014, Austin Indie Flix Showcase Won, Jury Award Best Actress for Acting Dead 

  • 2014 Indie Series Awards Won, ISA Best Supporting Actress - Drama for Clutch 

  • 2014, International Academy of Web Television Awards, Nominated, IAWTV Award Best Ensemble Performance for Clutch

  • 2013, Indie Series Awards, Nominated, ISA Best Actress - Drama for Miss Behave 

  • 2012, Indie Series Awards, Nominated, ISA Best Actress - Drama for Miss Behave 

  • 2011, Indie Series Awards, Nominated, ISA Outstanding Lead Actress for Miss Behave 

  • 2005, Young Artist Awards, Nominated, Young Artist Award Best Performance in a Short Film for Chasing Daylight 

  • 2005, Young Artist Awards, Won, Best Performance in a Television Series - Recurring Young Actress for Days of Our Lives 

  • 2004, Young Artist Awards, Won, Best Performance in a Television Series - Recurring Young Actress for Days of Our Lives 

  • 2004, Young Artist Awards, Nominated, Young Artist Awards, Best Performance in a Feature Film - Young Actress Age Ten or Younger for Quigley

  • 2003, Young Artist Awards, Nominated, Young Artist Awards, Best Performance in a Commercial "Children's Tylenol".

  • 2003, Valley Theatre League A.D.A. Awards, Nominated, Best Supporting Actress for Meet Me At The Oak

  • 2003, LAAREP, Won, Best Child Actor for Meet Me at The Oak